On his 35 th birthday- A short piece on ‘Candid Dhoni’

On his 35th birthday- A short piece on ‘Candid Dhoni’


Bhartendu Sharma



Eid Mubarak to all.


While this day brings immense joy and happiness to one’s life, this year’s Eid has come up with an additional extravaganza.  No I am not talking about Salman Khan’s starrer ‘SULTAN’ but I am talking about “THALA DHONI” who is celebrating his 35th birthday on this day, and today is no less than a festival  for each and every Msdian.

With almost 15000 international runs to his name and India achieving some of the special feat under him makes him one of the finest player and arguably the best captain India has ever produced till that.

The guy with long hair from the coal state Jharkhand with his unorthodox and street smart technique has helped India in becoming the No.1 Test ranking for 18 months starting December 2009, the 50-over World Cup in 2011 and the World Twenty20 on his captaincy debut in 2007. But this journey was never a fairy tale to him instead it was filled with thorns, criticism and the unmatchable love from his fans and media. (Debatable when it comes to media)

From finishing the game with a last ball six to being a thug in front of media, MSD has innumerable number of haters along with his fan followers. Being media’s favorite topic of discussion, or struggling with his form or a loss of a series, Dhoni never shied away in burying that pain and his frustrations inside him. His bright grey beard is the sheer example of it. Every human has a capacity to hold certain things and so has Dhoni too after all he is a human. There were certain instances where his words said it all.

Have a look at those instances-

    1. “I need to blame myself. I am the leader of the Side. I am the main culprit so I blame myself.”

MSD2. “I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me the same way”

 Dhoni Birthday

  1. “I think you ask me about my future, a very interesting answer you know. It’s up to you guys, the media should do a nice research on it take a few days and my answer will be whatever you decide, right the complete opposite of it.

                         …Watch the full video here (Courtesy- All Kinds of entertainment)

MS dhoni

  1. “You die, you die; you don’t see which is a better way to die.”

dhoni5. To Junior Pathan: “I am not doubting you, but you are gaining a reputation for being fit during the IPL and not during the Ranji Trophy.”

MS dhoni6. “If it’s justified that you remove me that I am the reason about everything going bad in Indian Cricket, I would love to step aside.”

dhoni7. “I’d be lying if I say I have moved on from CSK”


  1. “Virat used a knife and stabbed Shikhar…” (Watch the entire video here)

ms dhoni birthday

9. “When you finish many games, people always remember the ones you have not finished.”

ms dhoni birthday

And last but not the least, this almost reminds us of  SRK from Chak-De-India


  1. “Make sure to have a lot of fun, because that’s something in Indian cricket we often don’t do much”


Click on the image to see the full speech

(This video is an exclusive copyright of the BCCI)


The debate will never end on whether Dhoni is the best captain of India or not, which is not even justified. Despite that whether you “Love him or hate him but somewhere deep down the heart a true cricket lover will always respect his unmatchable contributions to Indian cricket irrespective of how h/she feels for MSD.”

Happy 35th Birthday Captain Street Smart!


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