sourav ganguly birthday

Sourav Ganguly- the born leader from kolkata

Bhartendu Sharma


sourav ganguly birthday

Isn’t it interesting that arguably the two greatest captain of India share their birthday on the alternate day?  On the this day in the year 1972, a leader was born in the city of joy- Kolkata which holds a reputation of producing footballers, politicians and one of the finest artists in the distinguish fields.

As they say “Made leaders are better than the born leaders” but Ganguly proved this to be false along with the tag given to the Indian cricket team in the 90’s “Tigers at home, Lambs away”.

He debuted against the West Indies in 1992 and till date his journey has been no less  than a Bollywood story comprised of his own share of ups and down, controversies, heroic comeback and a dramatic farewell.

He holds a reputation of a gentleman person but he is a typical aggressive tiger if one messes with him. Whether it’s on the field or off the field, Ganguly always dealt with his opponents in his own Dadagiri style, whether it was replying to Flintoff’s great run after beating India in their own backyard or asking Ravi Shastri to come out from the fool’s world. Australian Captain Steve Waugh once said in his typical Oz accent on Sourav “He is the type of bloke you would want to have on your side. When you see an Indian side with Ganguly in the line up you knows it’s a game on. You don’t have to like him or dislike him, you have to RESPECT HIM”.

During his tenure he scored more than a collective of 18000 runs in ODI and Test cricket. He also took India to the winning ways even in the foreign conditions where the Men in Blue were struggling since long. Under his captaincy India won 11 test matches and had drawn 7 with a win percentage of 39.3% and in ODI’s it was 58 with 52.3% along with that the runner up in ICC World Cup 2003 in South Africa.(Only away records)

One cannot ignore his immense contributions on the field for the Indian cricket and even his post retirement. The Bengal Cricket is in Dada’s Hands and hope to see it in a better situation than what it is currently.

He has a lot of titles added to his name which includes Prince of Kolkata, Royal Bengal Tiger, Lord of Lords, God of Off side. But being from Bengal I would call him what the entire Kolkata calls him-

Happy Birthday ‘DADA’


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