TALGO TRAINS – Things you need to know about it

Bhartendu Sharma


New Delhi, 9/7/2016- The all new Spanish made Talgo trains flagged off for its first trial journey from Bareilly to Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh. Its second trail commenced earlier today from Mathura station to Palwal station and the average speed of the train has been increased to 180 km/hr which is more than the permitted speed. The actual permitted speed is 160 km/hr.

talgo trains india
Here are some of the interesting facts you would like to know about it-

  1. A Talgo 250 generally runs at a speed of 240-250 km/hr, but in India it will run at a speed of 120-130 km/hr.

talgo trains india
2. Because of its light weight aluminum alloys used to make its compartment, it is cost effective and it is an efficient means of transport.

talgo trains india

3. It is a sustainable product for the Environment, it helps in decreasing the energy consumption and the damages to the infrastructure.

4. It has the facility of foot rests for the passengers along with that it has Reading lights, Tables and audio controller.

talgo trains5. The interior is pleasant with that it can automatically adjust to the outside temperature even if the temperature outside is more than 50 degrees Celsius or -20 degree Celsius.

talgo train6. Talgo coaches have low floor and can be easily accessed without using steps by the passengers, making it convenient for the handicap too.

7. It can cover from Delhi to Mumbai within 12 hours while Rajdhani takes 17 hours.

talgo train8. Everything comes up with an amount and so is this elegant train journey. Tough it provides a lot of facilities to the passengers but the fare of this journey can draw some nice bucks from your pocket.

talgo train


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