Premier Futsal

Premier Futsal- Know your Team, Players, Venues, and Fixtures

Bhartendu Sharma
 New Delhi, 14/7/2016- Premier Futsal, world’s first multinational Futsal tournament is all set to kick off from tomorrow. With the likes of star studded marquee players like Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs and many more, this tournament is going to bring a great revolution in the game of Futsal not only in India but across the globe.

Let’s have a look at the entire fixture of the Premier Futsal and it venue.

There are six teams which are equally divided into two groups –


   Group- A     Group- B
   Chennai    Goa
   Mumbai    Kolkata
   Kochi    Bangalore



Date Match 1 Match 2 Venue
15th July, 2016 Chennai vs Mumbai Goa vs Kolkata Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
16th July, 2016 Mumbai vs Kochi Kolkata vs Bangalore Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
17th July, 2016 Kochi vs Chennai Bangalore vs Goa Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai
18th July, 2016


19th July, 2016 Kolkata vs Goa Mumbai vs Chennai Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa, Goa
20th July, 2016 Bangalore vs Kolkata Kochi vs Mumbai Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa, Goa
21st July, 2016 Goa vs Bangalore Chennai vs Kochi Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa, Goa
22nd July, 2016 Rest/Travel
23rd July, 2016 Group A Winner vs Group B Runner-up Group B Winner vs Group A Runner-up Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa, Goa
24th July, 2016 Closing ceremony Final Peddem Sports Complex, Mapusa, Goa

Premier Futsal – Team Sheets

Chennai 5s

Team Owner The Hindu
Team Coach Ney Pereira
Player Category
Falcao Marquee Player
Espindola (GK) Futsal Player
Vampeta Futsal Player
Pula Futsal Player
Hemni Futsal Player
Manel Rion Futsal Player
Sean Futsal Player
Faraz Abdul Azzez Indian Player
Yash Indian Player
Younus Pasha Indian Player
Rohit Suresh (GK) Indian Player

Indian Player


Mumbai 5s

Team Owner

DC Design
Team Coach Felice Mastropierro
Player Category
Ryan Giggs Marquee Player
Luis Amado (GK) Futsal Player
Foglia Futsal Player
Angellot Futsal Player
Kevin Futsal Player
Federico Perez Futsal Player
Pablo Futsal Player
Sai Nikhil Indian Player
Jo Paul Bence (GK) Indian Player
Mohammed Ahtesham Ali Indian Player
Shubham Mane Indian Player
Chanpreet Indian Player
                                                     Kolkata 5s
Team Owner Grassroot Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Team Coach Christian Roldan
Player Category
 Hernán Crespo Marquee Player
Cidao (GK) Futsal Player
Saad Futsal Player
Gabriel Futsal Player
Cirilo Futsal Player
Majdoub Futsal Player
Dida Futsal Player
Mohammed Islam Indian Player
Amit Pal (GK) Indian Player
Subrata Dey Indian Player
Pradeep Shaw Indian Player
Akshay Nair Indian Player
                                                   Bengaluru 5s
Team Owner Puneeth Rajkumar
Team Coach Juan Jose Bernal Cierre
Player Category
Paul Scholes Marquee Player
Elias (GK) Futsal Player
Romulo Futsal Player
Maxi Futsal Player
Nabil Futsal Player
Anatoliy Futsal Player
Easy Man Futsal Player
Zaib Indian Player
Anto Rushith S Indian Player
Jonathan Indian Player
Abhishek R (GK) Indian Player
Sathya Kumar Indian Player
                                                    Kochi 5s
Team Owner E S Entertainment
Team Coach Sergio Sapo
Player Category
Salgado Marquee Player
Casalone (GK) Futsal Player
Neto Futsal Player
Chaguinha Futsal Player
Deives Moraes Futsal Player
Gekabert Futsal Player
Emil Futsal Player
Muhammed Ameer Indian Player
Basil Indian Player
Yashwant Kumar (GK) Indian Player
Ansh Indian Player
Stalin Daniel Indian Player
                                                           Goa 5s
Team Owner Viiking Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Team Coach Octavio Gomes De Oliveira Junior
Player Category
Ronaldinho Marquee Player
Bebe (GK) Futsal Player
Camilo Futsal Player
Vander Carioca Futsal Player
Burrito Futsal Player
Georgievsky Futsal Player
Adonias Futsal Player
Michael Silva Indian Player
Fredsan Marshall Indian Player
Caitano Indian Player
Vatsal (GK) Indian Player
Praveendran Indian Player

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