The Great India Run 2016 – A Positive Change in the field of Ultra Marathon

Bhartendu Sharma

New Delhi – 16/07/2016, 16:02 : After the huge success of the first edition of the wrestling league in 2015 which was an initiative of ProSportify Venture limited, now they have decided to try their hand in the field of Running. They have come up with the concept of ‘The Great India Run’ for which they have partnered with Mobiefit which is a startup venture focusing on the mFitness.

The Great India Run event will flag off from the capital’s India gate on 17th of July and will conclude on 6th August at Mumbai’s Gateway of India. In between it will cover 1480 kms across six states. This event will witness some of the Bollywood’s celebrity like Milind Soman and Gul Panag and some national and International athletes like Arun Bhardwaj, David Bredo, Pia Hannson and 12 others.

Page scoop News got in touch with David Slotsgaard Bredo who became the youngest athlete from Denmark to complete 100 Marathons. He shared his wonderful experience on fitness issue and his passion towards chasing the dream and his Fondness for Badminton & his admire for Saina Nehwal.

  • Running has always been a passion for you since childhood, tell us something about it?

When I was five years old I started playing soccer, which I did until I was approx 18 years. I realized that I didn’t have the talent to become a professional soccer player, why I wouldn’t play anymore. At the age of 14 a friend asked me that we should run Copenhagen Marathon in the spring 2010. I accepted the challenge, started my running training but played soccer beside my running. At that time, I realized that within the upcoming years I had to make my choice – soccer or running. I knew that I got a bigger talent for running than my soccer mates got because I typically felt that I could play several matches in a row.

the great india run 2016


  • You are the first athlete from Denmark and 3rd youngest in the world to enter into the 100 club marathon. How determined you were towards this record or you were just enjoying your passion?

Yes, In Denmark and in the North (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland) I’m the youngest. I’m running because I really enjoy my passion and love the environment, where focus basically is on the social aspect. If we didn’t had this atmosphere before, under and after the race I wouldn’t run marathon but maybe just 15-20k with more speed.

I think it’s pretty fun to have this record but it’s not therefore I’m running – it’s 100 % because it’s my passion. Imagine you should run 4200k and spend maybe 400 hours or more than two weeks in your running shoes just to have a record. I could find a lot other records which aren’t physically and mentally demanding.

  • What does achieving this special feat of entering into the 100 Club mean to you?

To join the 100 club Marathon means that I’m ‘one of them’. One of the tough guys in my own eyes. I’ve always looked at all the others top cool guys, who has been running for several years, more than 100 marathons and spend a lot of good time together with their new friends. Actually it didn’t felt to me like a part of the club before I ran my number 200. It sounds weird but it’s true. Why? Perhaps because I did it in no time. From I saw the environment first time till I had been running my number 100 was within a year. Most of the others in Club 100 Marathon Denmark, which has over 200 members now, have spent between 2½-10 years to become member.

  • Is this your first visit to India?

Yes, it’s my first visit to India and I’m looking forward to it! (Smiles)

  • In a country like India were we have not been able to produce stalwarts in the field of running apart from the veterans like Milkha Singh, PT Usha, and very less people prefer to opt it as their and the result can be witnessed in the Olympics and other competitive sports. Comment!

I think it’s about the culture. For several years in Denmark we’ve had a culture about running. In all sports, you have to develop the width before you can develop elite – the same applies in running. In Denmark we’ve so many running events across the country.

  • How excited are you towards this Ultra Marathon which will cover 1480 k.m. and six states in 20 days?

I’m very excited and looking very much forward to this big challenge. Both Pia Hansson and I are feeling that we get a unique chance to test ourselves, get a very big experience, get a living memorial and at the same time show India that everyone can run no matter what starting point you have. What is the chance that two marathon runners from small Denmark get this awesome chance to run with India’s greatest ultra-runner? The main purpose for this event is to promote running as a hobby for fitness and healthy lifestyle in India, which both Pia Hansson and I support 100 %.

the great india run 2016

  • Which athlete from India do you admire the most?

I’m following badminton very close because we’ve some very good athletes here in Denmark but India has the same. I admire Saina Newahl and Pusarla Sindhu but also Srikanth is playing very well. I’ve seen all of them when they played World Championships in Denmark (Ballerup) in 2014 and also in the Denmark Open.

  • Fitness has always been a major issue for young lads especially in India due to the food habits, Drugs and tobacco consumption, what are your views on this issue?

I have never smoked, been near drugs or lived with unhealthy food habits. I cannot imagine a life with no exercise, fast food, smoking and inactivity – it would be a night mare! I cannot decide how other people live their life but I decide my own lifestyle which always has to be as healthy as possible. It’s about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as I see it.

  • Are the athletes paid enough or has better exposure and platform in your country so that they can opt for it as their career, because in a country like India where Cricket is a religion it is difficult for the growth of other sports?

In Denmark the biggest sport is soccer, but closely followed by handball, the two sports are generally large in Europe. However, we have still many niche sports that the best athletes can live, but even the best badminton players in Den mark are not rich. They play because it’s their passion, but the third and fourth best players will usually need to have study next to be prepared for when their career ends.
I think it’s hard to change the situation in Denmark given our small size, but I think the situation is different in India, because the economy is growing as well as the population does likewise. Therefore, I believe that there is potential in India for tremendous growth in the smaller sports such as running.

  • Any message you want to convey through us for the people who want to opt Running as their career.

Make running a lifestyle. Start where you are. Don’t make it more complicated than it is. All you need is a pair of running shoes that you feel comfortable in. Don’t focus on the time and distance, but do it as long as you think its fun. The more fun you think it is, the longer and longer your runs suddenly become. The social is a very big part of running – running isn’t an ego sport, but rather a social sport.

the great india run 2016

We wish you good luck for your upcoming marathon.


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