Mukesh: Melody of the country


Swati Singh

July’22, 2013, New Delhi: On the 93rd birth anniversary of Indian Playback singer “Mukesh Chand Mathur” from 40’s era, Google pays tribute to him by placing Doodle in its India’s homepage, showing the image of Mukesh with a mike in his hand. Songs of this legendary singer dominated the bollywood for too long and, his songs are still gaining favoritism among today’s youth.

Mukesh worked in public Departments after completing his high school, later Motilal (actor by profession) by getting impressed with his voice, brought him to Mumbai and, he started taking singing lessons from Pandit Jagannath Prasad. Earlier, he got his break as an actor and singer in the movie “Nirdosh” for the song “Dil he bujha hua ho to”. Later, in the movie “Pehli Nazar” starring “Motilal”, he did his first play back singing for the song “Dil Jalta Hai to Jalne De”. He is the father of singer “Nitin Mukesh” and Grandfather of actor “Neil Nitin Mukesh”.



People took on twitter and facebook to remember his phrases and songs to pay him tribute:



mukesh twitter 4

mukesh fb2

mukesh fb

mukesh fb 3

A friendship more than life

Mukesh became the voice of Raj Kapoor, and gained the fame from the movie “Andaz” in 1949, and he was more than a singer for him. In his book “Raj Kapoor speaks”, he quoted that “There was Mukesh- my soul, my voice, I was a mere a body.It was he who sang to the hearts of the people all over the world, not me. Raj Kapoor was an image, just a carcass of flesh and bones. When he (Mukesh) died, it was destroyed.” When he heard about Mukesh’s death he burst into tears and said “I have lost my voice”.

Around 1300 songs were sung by him, his last film song was “chanchal sheetal komal nirmal”, for Shashi Kapoor’s movie. Heart attack took his life, when he was in Detroit, Michigan, US on 27 August 1976 for his musical concert.

Even after 39 years of his death, we still remember the Suhana Safar of his ecstatic life.

Suhana safar aur yeh mausam hasin

 Humein darr hai ham kho na jaye kahee


Here you can listen best of Mukesh:


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