Tomorrowland: Ecstasy in the world of music

Swati Singh

July’23, 2016, New Delhi: The biggest electronic music festival of world, Tomorrow land is back again in Boom, Belgium, with its charismatic stage presentation and, its best of Electronic Music. This festival has been started on 22 July and is going to give its blasting end on 24 July.


In this lavishing festival of music you can taste the fun of all type of Electronic music forms. This Festival was started by ID&T in 2005. In 2005, they gave free passes to the Belgium locals for their promotion and to gather the crowd. Later, this festival gained massive global popularity. This festival has achieved International Dance Music Award and Red Bull Elektropedia Awards for best music event and best festival respectively.

According to The Brussels Times (Website news portal), around 180,000 people are going to attend 12th Tomorrowland Festival from all around the globe. They further added that, Rodolphe Van Weyenbergh, the Secretary General of the Brussels Hotels Association (BHA) quoted that “A DJ had set up on the balcony of the Maison du Roi (where the Museum of the City of Brussels is located). Nearly 20,000 people are anticipated to be overnighting in Brussels hotels for the festival.”

As per the official website of Tomorrowland, the event is going to be broadcasted online for its viewers who are unable to attend the event.

Due to the massive vogue of Tomorrowland, its tickets got sold out in just few seconds. This shows the madness and over reaction of public for this musical festival.


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