Bolivia and its gender violence

bolivia Source: aljazeera

Swati Singh

August’1, 2016, New Delhi: Bolivia’s current status shows that India is not only country which requires proper awareness about women Empowerment. According to the UN, one out of three women worldwide, experience physical and sexual violence by their intimate partners.

According to an English magazine Latina it is estimated that 35% of women becomes victim of such harassment, but in Bolivia the condition is getting severe as this estimation has jumped to 90%.

The story of María Isabel Pillco shattered Bolivia last year. During autopsy, her soulless body was lying in the morgue. Her body was wounded and it was suspected that her husband had killed her. On the other side her mother was in grief, with a fear that the murderer of her daughter should not be set free.

As per Aljazeera’s report, Bolivia is a leading country in America in context of gender violence. Brisa de Angulo, a victim of rape by his own family member had undergone the pain both mentally as well as physically. But, when she finally filed her grief the whole society turned against her. While speaking with Aljazeera she said, “I was intimidated and blamed by the authorities, my community, and my extended family, My extended family tried to silence me in order to maintain the prestige of the family and to prevent other instances of incestuous sexual violence from coming to light”. She further added The prosecutor threatened to jail me if she found any inconsistencies in my story”

Many of the complaints against domestic violence never find the appropriate path of justice rather they are stuck somewhere in search of appropriate time. According to a report by national newspaper La Razon, “Since Law 348 was passed there have been 206 cases of femicide, but only eight sentences — a conviction rate of just 4 percent”.

Government Initiative

In 2013, law 348 was passed displaying the reforms for women, outlining abuse of women, including marital rape.

The serious reforms for women are required to be done. In fact, in many countries such reforms have been initiated, but still many are lacking behind. Emotional aspects are required to be taken under consideration while talking about women. Women should always remember “Tolerating harassment is a sin”.


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