Books turned out to bring rebel

Swati Singh

July’2, 2016, New Delhi: The place where hunger and terror has knocked the human survival down, and terror has eclipsed the development of a country, there is a small world of books, breathing for its survival and making others also survive.

The mess, in which Darayya, a suburb of Syria is breathing, has a Secret library founded by the former students, who were facing disruption in their studies because of the war. This Library consists of 14,000 books on any random subjects, collected by the founders. In many cases they found their books from the terror affected regions.

As per BBC’s report, Anas Ahmad (a former civil engineering student who was one of the founders) quoted We saw that it was vital to create a new library so that we could continue our education. We put it in the basement to help stop it being destroyed by shells and bombs like so many other buildings here” he further added that “In many cases we get books from bomb or shell-damaged homes. The majority of these places are near the front line, so collecting them is very dangerous”.

While appreciating the courage of the founders to BBC, Omar Library user stated that “Books motivate us to keep on going – we read how in the past everyone turned their backs on a particular nation, yet they still made it

The courage of Anas and his friends who are the co founder of this library is appreciable. Terror or obstacle has not stopped them from taking such initiative to bring a rebellious attitude in their country, which marks the motivation for other war affected areas.


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