Marriage Registrations

Akansha Juneja

New Delhi. To provide better facilities to public, Delhi govt. introduced a new rule in which its revenue department has granted its sub-registrars the authority to complete the formalities of marriage registration. Due to which waiting time for couples who want to register their marriages will be reduced.

There is an attempt to enhance the facilities to the public and to avoid delay in registration of marriages. As until now, authorization to register marriages was given only to the office of sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) in whose jurisdiction either the bride or the groom resides. But now for marriages that put under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, SDMs, additional district magistrates and deputy commissioners are approved to act as ‘marriage officers’.

“There are times when SDMs are out in the field… This leads to delay in registration of marriages. As sub registrars have the power to register marriages, it will make the process faster. Sub-registrars… Have been trained to deal with cases as per the Hindu Marriage Act, the Special Marriage Act and the Delhi Compulsory Registration Of Marriage order 2014”. Said an official.

To make sure the new task doesn’t have an effect on the main duty of a sub-registrar i.e.; registration of properties- they will be indulge in duties related to marriage registrations only three days a week, between 3pm and 5pm.

A great step by Delhi government, which will definitely ease the work of SDM and facilitate public also it is going to be a great challenging task for sub-registrars.


Short des- There is an effort to improve the facilities to the public and to avoid hindrance in registration of marriages. A new rule by Delhi govt. which delegate the power to register marriages (the only power of SDMs) to the sub-registrars ( SDMs, DMs, DCs).


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