Deepak Pahal SonepatSource: indianexpress.com

A photograph released by police shows Deepak, his face covered with a towel, being led away.

New Delhi, Just a couple of days ago  when it was reported that Deepak Pahal whose dreams were crushed by his own deed after helping a gangster flee away from the police custody. His coach Mr. Anil Malik has revealed something which depicts the common struggle of a young athlete in India. However these acts cannot be encouraged at any cost.

Malik under whose guidance Pahal trained in boxing at the SAI Sonepat centre in 2006, revealed about his bad phase in life by not getting any platform or a job. He also spoke about his family and financial issues.

 “A passionate player should have opportunities to show case his skills and another thing is to live a satisfactory life with his family. But Pahal had a stressed life. His father is ill (mental issues) and neither he was getting any break (tournament) for boxing nor job. This may be a reason for his distraction and involvement in these kinds of activities” said Malik while speaking with pagescoop.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Ravindra Singh Yadav, Pahal was barred from the Sports Authority of India (SAI) hostel in Sonepat after a case was filed in opposition to him for allegedly breaking the jaw of another boxer in a brawl.

Malik said “Under my guidance He was the most talented and energetic boy whose passion and focus was only boxing, because of which he got distracted from class 10. When I got transfer I had no contact with Deepak but meanwhile I got so many stories about him getting into bad company after his hostel period and when I came to know about this case I was really disappointed”.

He further added, “He was very introvert and shy with me and I always believed him regards boxing. I was shocked when I came to know about all this”.

 Five years later, the Rio Olympics is just a few days away, and Pahal is in police custody. His life will never become the same again. It’s a sorry spin for a career that had begun with so much promise has halted currently behind the bars.


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