Reports: Daniel Craig offered $150 million to continue as Bond.

As per the article published in the UK Telegraph, Daniel Craig has been offered $150 million to continue as the 007 agent in the next part of the James bond series.

Daniel Craig in bond


In an interview with the Time Out magazine last year, Craig Said- “I’d rather break this glass and slit my wrists,”

The 48 years old further added that ‘We’re done. All I want is to move on,”

As per the reports by The Sun, the studio bosses were highly impressed by the work of Idris Elba and were banking on him to enter into the shoes of Daniel Craig for the upcoming project.

Idris Elba in Bond


Daniel Crag,48, who has been playing the role of ‘The Spy’ since 2005 will be the first bond ever to be the part of the most number of Bond Series after Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moorey.

This may be considered as a rumour but if it is to be believed, Sony Pictures have offered a huge sum of money to back up Craig as the part of the upcoming Bond Series.

After a hefty offer of $150 million, Mr. Craig would reconsider his joke about “Slashing his wrist” and will not disappoint his fans who would love to see him charming the women in the next slice of the James Bond series.

Bhartendu Sharma



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