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Newborn Babies Can Suffer Strokes, Study Finds, & Here’s How Their Brains Recover

For these reasons, newborns can suffer from strokes and it’s fairly common, according to a recent study. Newborns’ brains don’t respond to strokes in the same way as adults and it’s quite remarkable how they’re able to recover from them. As we have best Neurosurgeon in delhi has already confirmed about that

Newport, who is also the director of the Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery at Georgetown University and MedStar National Rehabilitation Network, told Science Daily that the study revealed how “plastic” brain function is in infants. Despite the damage done by the strokes, “their language is good– normal,” she said.

Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center found that at least one in 4,000 babies experience a stroke shortly before, during, or after birth, according to Science Daily. The team, led by cognitive neuroscientist Elissa L. Newport, PhD, professor of neurology at Georgetown University School of Medicine, looked at 12 individuals, between 12 and 25, who suffered strokes as newborns. The researchers determined that between 10 and 20 years after suffering a “perinatal” stroke that damaged the left “language” side of the brain, “affected teenagers and young adults used the right sides of their brain for language,” according to the study.

The reason that the subjects’ brains were able to adapt so well was because they were still developing at the time of the stroke, Newport told the BBC, explaining:

We believe there are very important constraints to where functions can be relocated. There are very specific regions that take over when part of the brain is injured, depending on the particular function. Each function, like language or spatial skills, has a particular region that can take over if its primary brain area is injured.
Infant brains are uniquely capable of recovering from strokes, particularly when it comes to language, Newport told Science Daily:

Imaging shows that children up to about age four can process language in both sides of their brains, and then the functions split up: the left side processes sentences and the right processes emotion in language.

Strokes occur in newborns for a number of reasons. Clots can also form in the placenta and pass to the fetus, entering its circulation and potentially its brain causing a stroke. Labor and delivery are also common times for newborns to experience strokes due to the strain placed on babies’ heads.

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Fairly common, strokes in newborns can be difficult to diagnose, according to About Kids Health, as they usually show no clinical symptoms. Common stroke symptoms such as speech problems and numbness are not easily detected in newborns.

The potential of a newborn baby having a stroke is scary for any parent, but the knowledge that brain plasticity can lead to language recovery is at least partially reassuring. Newport told Science Daily that her study was a small one, but research is still ongoing. Future findings could very well provide insight for prevention and adaptation to adult stroke victims.

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Gautam Gambhir Sidelined Again

Is this the end for the southpaw from New Delhi?

Bhartendu Sharma

New Delhi [12-09-2016] : The team announcement for the upcoming Test series of the Indian side against the New Zealand was not only a setback for Gautam Gambhir but it also brought a huge disappointment for his fans too.

Sandip Patil and company announced the fifteen man squad for the three match Test series against the Black Caps starting from 22nd September.

K.L Rahul who is been in golden touch with the bat has been retained along with the inconsistent Shikhar Dhawan and struggling Rohit Sharma who failed to make an impact in the ongoing Duleep trophy.

Gautam Gambhir who has been in the fine form in the current Duleep trophy failed to make into the good books of the selectors and the captain despite scoring 320 runs at an average of 80 in 4 innings.

gautam gambhir

On asking about retaining Dhawan in the team, Patil backed his decision by saying “We want him (Dhawan) to come good, not only him; we want all 15 to perform. We have faith in all 15,” was Patil’s response when asked why Dhawan was retained.

He further added “We are very happy with how K L Rahul has settled into the senior team. We have discussed not only Gautam but other seniors also. We have not forgotten the seniors, we discuss a lot of players… we have chosen only 15 players for this series but I am happy to say that we have a big pool of some 30 odd players,”

With age against his side and BCCI’s determinant policy to build up a team for future, Gautam’s chances for getting a national ticket are barely left.

Last time when the left hander got an opportunity for the national side he had a terrible outing in England where he failed to cross even the 20 runs mark in an innings. However it was not that he lost his touch or his time was over. The entire team felt helpless in the overcast conditions where the red cherry tested the batsman’s skill.

Even at the age of 34 his quench to score runs has not fulfilled yet. After a remodeled stance and a bold approach, he was undoubtedly the best India southpaw in the IPL 9 and his classy touch continued in the Duleep trophy too.

gautam gambhir

The decision to ignore the GG was not appraised by the Indian Cricket fans as they took twitter to express their grief. They also trolled Virat Kohli as one of the reason behind his exclusion as they both shared a bitter relation.

With Ranji Trophy next door and BCCI is planning to introduce the pink Kokabura balls in this tournament too, Gambhir’s experience can come in handy for him. If he can continue his good form and convert his scores into three figures, he can undoubtedly be one of the strong contenders for the remaining home Test series.

Reports: Daniel Craig offered $150 million to continue as Bond.

As per the article published in the UK Telegraph, Daniel Craig has been offered $150 million to continue as the 007 agent in the next part of the James bond series.

Daniel Craig in bond


In an interview with the Time Out magazine last year, Craig Said- “I’d rather break this glass and slit my wrists,”

The 48 years old further added that ‘We’re done. All I want is to move on,”

As per the reports by The Sun, the studio bosses were highly impressed by the work of Idris Elba and were banking on him to enter into the shoes of Daniel Craig for the upcoming project.

Idris Elba in Bond


Daniel Crag,48, who has been playing the role of ‘The Spy’ since 2005 will be the first bond ever to be the part of the most number of Bond Series after Sean Connery and Sir Roger Moorey.

This may be considered as a rumour but if it is to be believed, Sony Pictures have offered a huge sum of money to back up Craig as the part of the upcoming Bond Series.

After a hefty offer of $150 million, Mr. Craig would reconsider his joke about “Slashing his wrist” and will not disappoint his fans who would love to see him charming the women in the next slice of the James Bond series.

Bhartendu Sharma


The all new Duleep Trophy

Pink ball, green tracks & flood lights- An initiative towards the revival of Indian Domestic circuit.

Bhartendu Sharma



The all new Duleep trophy is set to commence from 23rd August at the Shahid Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex, Noida, Uttar Pradesh which has been the home ground for the Afghanistan cricket team in the past.


In the first match Yuvraj’s India red will take on Suresh Raina’s India green that has a bunch of fast bowlers to his side with the experience of Dinda and Sandeep Sharma who are going to give some hard time to the opponents with their swing and pace.

All eyes will be on how the Pink ball will behave on a deck which has plenty of grass on it. With all four matches to be played at the same venue, the curators and the ground staffs are working hard to ensure a competitive pitch for this historical match.

BCCI’s ground and pitch committee head veteran Daljit Singh is having a continuous check on the conditions who is being assisted by Tapash Chatterjee who is the committee member from the Central Zone along with Kanpur’s Shiv Kumar who are guiding the local curator Manish in the preparation of pitch.


Daljit Singh exclusively spoke to PageScoop news on the nature of pitch where he said that “It will be very early to judge the nature of the pitch, but as the more and more matches will be played more bounce will come into play”  

He further added that” Dew might come into play, but we have to see how the weather condition remains as the match progresses further.”

All three teams will play against each other once and the top two teams would face off in the finals.


Chandni Chowk in the list of giant flag hoisting

Swati Singh
national flag
August’8, 2016, New Delhi: After Cannaught Place, Chandni Chowk is in the list of hoisting national flag in their premises. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation of Chandni Chowk has acknowledged the installation of 45 mm giant flag along with the alliance ofHindustani Mercantile Association (HMA)”.

The flag is going to be situated at the Town Hall, the old headquarters of the municipal corporation in Chandni Chowk. According to Hindustan Times report, “As per the agreement, the association will bear the expenses of the installation of the flagpole and future maintenance, whereas the municipal corporation will provide the land,” said a municipal official.”

After Central park, this flag is going to be the second largest in the city. Hindustani Mercantile Association stated that  “Initiative taken by them is in the favor of respect for the nation, and the cost incurred will bear by them only.

He further added that “Making charges costs approx fifteen lakh whereas, Installation charges are not yet define by them and the inauguration will be done by 9 August

Ranchi has marked the largest flag in India followed by Hyderabad, Raipur, Faridabad and New Delhi.

An initiative towards the recognition of transgender right

Swati Singh


August’5 2016, New Delhi: Transgender community in our society is considered to be eccentric in terms of their lifestyle. But, recently the Odisha Government has given this opportunity to transgender to portray their talent on the Independence Day and now they are going to be recruited in the jails as the warden too. This initiative marks the challenge to this taboo in our society.

According to a report by Indian Express, General Secretary of TG Surakshya Trust Pratap Sahoo quoted “For the first time in the country, the Odisha government has allowed the transgender to participate in the state level parade to be held at Mahatma Gandhi Marg on August 15.” And he further added that “A platoon comprising 30 transgenders have already started their rehearsal under the guidance of a trained teacher at Nayapally area.”

Giving a new ray to this context, they are going to be assigned as wardens in the jails. In a report by Business Standard, ADG (Prisons) Manoranjan Patnaik said Transgenders will be doing duty in jails as warders. They will have to succeed in the qualifying examination with other candidates. A letter to this effect has been sent to the Odisha Subordinate Staff Selection Commission to take necessary steps in this regard”.

Article 41 of the constitution in India gives “Right to work” for everyone. Such initiatives by the government showcase the efforts and steps which are taken to bring out the change in the society for uprising all the sections who are surviving.



Deepak Pahal SonepatSource:

A photograph released by police shows Deepak, his face covered with a towel, being led away.

New Delhi, Just a couple of days ago  when it was reported that Deepak Pahal whose dreams were crushed by his own deed after helping a gangster flee away from the police custody. His coach Mr. Anil Malik has revealed something which depicts the common struggle of a young athlete in India. However these acts cannot be encouraged at any cost.

Malik under whose guidance Pahal trained in boxing at the SAI Sonepat centre in 2006, revealed about his bad phase in life by not getting any platform or a job. He also spoke about his family and financial issues.

 “A passionate player should have opportunities to show case his skills and another thing is to live a satisfactory life with his family. But Pahal had a stressed life. His father is ill (mental issues) and neither he was getting any break (tournament) for boxing nor job. This may be a reason for his distraction and involvement in these kinds of activities” said Malik while speaking with pagescoop.

According to Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Ravindra Singh Yadav, Pahal was barred from the Sports Authority of India (SAI) hostel in Sonepat after a case was filed in opposition to him for allegedly breaking the jaw of another boxer in a brawl.

Malik said “Under my guidance He was the most talented and energetic boy whose passion and focus was only boxing, because of which he got distracted from class 10. When I got transfer I had no contact with Deepak but meanwhile I got so many stories about him getting into bad company after his hostel period and when I came to know about this case I was really disappointed”.

He further added, “He was very introvert and shy with me and I always believed him regards boxing. I was shocked when I came to know about all this”.

 Five years later, the Rio Olympics is just a few days away, and Pahal is in police custody. His life will never become the same again. It’s a sorry spin for a career that had begun with so much promise has halted currently behind the bars.


Marriage Registrations

Akansha Juneja

New Delhi. To provide better facilities to public, Delhi govt. introduced a new rule in which its revenue department has granted its sub-registrars the authority to complete the formalities of marriage registration. Due to which waiting time for couples who want to register their marriages will be reduced.

There is an attempt to enhance the facilities to the public and to avoid delay in registration of marriages. As until now, authorization to register marriages was given only to the office of sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) in whose jurisdiction either the bride or the groom resides. But now for marriages that put under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, SDMs, additional district magistrates and deputy commissioners are approved to act as ‘marriage officers’.

“There are times when SDMs are out in the field… This leads to delay in registration of marriages. As sub registrars have the power to register marriages, it will make the process faster. Sub-registrars… Have been trained to deal with cases as per the Hindu Marriage Act, the Special Marriage Act and the Delhi Compulsory Registration Of Marriage order 2014”. Said an official.

To make sure the new task doesn’t have an effect on the main duty of a sub-registrar i.e.; registration of properties- they will be indulge in duties related to marriage registrations only three days a week, between 3pm and 5pm.

A great step by Delhi government, which will definitely ease the work of SDM and facilitate public also it is going to be a great challenging task for sub-registrars.


Short des- There is an effort to improve the facilities to the public and to avoid hindrance in registration of marriages. A new rule by Delhi govt. which delegate the power to register marriages (the only power of SDMs) to the sub-registrars ( SDMs, DMs, DCs).


Akansha Juneja


New Delhi, the wait is over; the all new SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE 7 is soon coming to your hands. Samsung affirmed the new Galaxy Note 7 at an unpacked event on 2 August 2016.

From 19th August the new Note 7 will be accessible to pre-order and those who pre-order from selected retailers will get a free Samsung Gear VR headset before 30th August, but for everyone else the Note 7 will go on sale in the UK on 2 September.

Note 7 UK price is still under wait for affirmation, but before now MobileFun is listing it for pre-order at £749 (Rs. 66,600).


Prior to its launch The Note 7 specifications were almost completely leaked.

  • 4GB RAM
  • Octa-core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.6GHz Quad) 64-bit, 14nm processor
    • MicroSD support up to 256GB
    • 5.7in dual-edge Quad-HD (2560×1440, 518ppi) SuperAMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 5
    • 64GB UFS 2• Dual Pixel 12Mp rear camera with OIS and f/1.7 aperture
    • 5Mp f/1.7 selfie camera.
    • Fingerprint sensor
    • Enhanced water-resistant S Pen
    • Iris scanner
    • Barometer, Gyro, Geomagnetic, Hall, HRM, Proximity, RGB Light sensors
    • 3,500mAh non-removable battery
    • Fast charging for both wired and wireless (WPC/PMA)
    • 169g

From the dual curved display and curved back to the revamped menu and expanded options for personalization Note 7 is offering both.

It’s the first Note to be absolutely symmetrical, top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. The new Note has a dual-curved screen that meets a curved back and a glass on the front. It has a metal on the back curve in harmony creating a flawless, flush surface all around.

As excitement goes high, waiting for the one and only Galaxy Note 7 to come soon!